Burton Technologies EPB-Very Acoustibuds Flexible Sport Strategies for EarPods,earphones and Bluetooth,2 Pair,2 Dimensions,CRYSTAL-Earpads

Technical Details

Technical Details
Brand Name: Burton Technologies, LLC

Product Description

Product Description

ACOUSTIBUDS Model EPB Tips fit the next earphone and Bluetooth items: Apple EarPods, Apple EarPods incorporated using the Iphone 5s, 5c and 5, Apple ipod device nano generation 7, Apple ipod device touch generation 5, Plantronics M50 Bluetooth, and Plantronics BackBeat 903+. Fits the following flat faced earphones; Apple ; Blackberry Stereo Headsets; HTC; JVC Gummy HA F140; Kanon A-18; Kanon KM-608; Koss Sportbuds; Motorola; Palm; Plantronics; Sennheiser; Sennheiser MX 260I; Skullcandy; Sony; Zune; Apple; Blackberry; Google; HTC Wildfire; Nokia E Series;;T-Mobile Windows Phone; T-Mobile MyTouch 4G; Apple iPod Classic; Shuffle; Archos; MP3 player; Zune; Samsung; Sony; Arriva Leo; BlueAnt Z9i. The form of the ear is exclusive and not associated with the body size or gender. Lots of people may use several size ACOUSTIBUDS, and your left ear might take another size than your right. A bigger size provides more seem isolation and bass. Running out of energy listen in a reduced volume due to the seal towards the ear. Stretch ACOUSTIBUDS Flexible Tips within the contoured earpiece of the earphones. Then, wiggle ACOUSTIBUDS in to the ear by having an up-lower motion. noise-isolation sports-and-exercise water-resistant

Product Details

Product Details
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Date first offered at world wide web.21pw.com: This summer 7, 2014

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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful Great product...after DIY modification.
By Timothy Wat on November 6, 2014
Executive Summary: Good product, needed one quick DIY modification. just a few seconds later, excellent.
context: Apple EarPods are, to my ears, an enormous improvement over their old original "flat-faced" earphones. However they don't fit my ears well. They drop out too easily and don't create a good seal when they are inside...thus very inconvenient and greatly reduced seem quality.
Pros: These Acoustibuds are affordable, shipped in 2 sizes, install effortlessly, and make the EarPods stay in my ear (even if active), without feeling jammed, forced or else uncomfortable. Once modified (see below), seem quality is all about just like you may expect from all of these affordable cans.
I am an expert performing and recording music performer, so critical listening is usually done on studio monitors, or The new sony 7506's, and my in-ears of preference are Shure SE425s. Irrrve never expected an Apple product to rival pro-level gear, but Apple EarPods are convenient and helpful for everyday existence - the cord is only the right length, has generated in microphone...and came free with my iPhone 6.
Cons: After initial installation, the seem quality is muffled in upper midrange. Unhappy. Required phone design, and the issue is they hide the inward-facing "sound vent" along the side of each EarPod.
modification: Apple EarPods have a "vent" on the side (points inward). I required a set of kitchen scissors and cut a little hole within the Acoustibud to complement within the EarPods "vent". super easy and quick to complete. Reinstalled - seem quality has become opened up up nicely.
Thus, I rate it a simple 4 star...could have been five star if Burton will get around to modifying their very own design to higher align using the Apple EarPods design away from the box.Comment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 13 of 14 people found the following review helpful Earbud Outsider Forget About - Thanks Acoustibuds!!
By Karl T. on August 11, 2014 I have always felt like my ears were outcasts in the realm of in-ear earphones. My ears would goes every set of earphones that include individuals a large number of sizes of froth & silicone ear fittings, either because they would fall out or be 10 sizes too large (seriously who's ears is how big a grapefruit). Apple earbuds were the about only stuff that would fit but you hear everything happening surrounding you and need to fire up the amount to pay, as well as they're very vulnerable to drop out during workouts/running.
Enter Acoustibuds...this stuff have seriously restored my belief in in-ear earphones. Their ribs produce a perfect seal within my ear which enables me to hear music easily for hrs in addition to keeping outdoors noise were it belongs! It takes only 2 seconds to pop these little guys to your earphones and you are all set to go. They work perfectly on Apple Earpods and on my small Avantree Jogger Pro Wireless Earphones! Comment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 6 of 6 people found the following review helpful Compromised idea.
by N. Davenport on October 11, 2014
I'm a sound engineer, so my undertake these originates from that background, where balanced audio is vital:
- Elevated bass response.
- Safer easily fit in ear.
- Greater comfort based on your ears shape.
- Affects midrange and hi frequency delivery considerably. Because of this, it can make the great EarPods seem like all other cheap set of in-ear earphones.
- Could be uncomfortable based on ears shape.
- Based on ears shape, don't isolate like the majority of other in-ear monitors do. Outdoors seem continues to be very audible. That may be a good factor, though.
Getting owned lots of earphones and other playback systems, CHEAP and costly, Apple's EarPods are the best earbuds for that cost I've ever heard. The very best alternative for me personally is to use very thin foam covers to help keep the buds nestled snugly in the opening of my ears, and that gives the very best balance of frequencies. These covers, However, modify the seem in a manner that is almost unacceptable in my experience. The truth is that that many people would not be bothered because of it much, but for me personally, the resulting boxy seem is extremely disappointing.
Cutting holes for that bigger side ports to vent increases the clearness of mid-range frequencies, at the fee for what little isolation these provided anyway, and a small reduction in bass response, that was really overhyped for me. Our prime frequencies continue to be impacted by the waveguide these covers introduce.1 Comment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful Excellent plastic strategies for newer apple earphones - but can use enhancements to enhance voice sounds and more smaller sizes
By Michael Killion on October 15, 2014 Completely accept the current review from n. davenport....a really excellent review that covers the professionals and cons of those acoustic bud strategies for the newer Apple earphones. For me (Adult Male), the dimensions 4 provided the very best fit. I ended up trimming the oval tips (stop the final two "layers") in order to get them in my ears easier (and take away them simpler). They are doing raise the bass, but at the fee for the mid and high wavelengths. I didn't think of trimming a small hole in the middle of the tips (around the flat, outdoors area of the tips in which the dimensions are indicated)....n. Davenport - excellent idea and Great tip. For me, cutting a little hole here allows the mid/high frequencies to pass through directly from the tips. for Music, I wasn't bothered through the seem. but, when utilizing those to talk on the telephone....the voice alternatively finish was a lot more obscure. Trimming a small access hole on the side will help elevate this (I really hope). I additionally purchased the earskinz plastic tips too. The reason behind the acquisition was twofold: (a) I had been searching for any cover/skin in my Apple earphones that made body a liitle more snug. Both models work all right. (b) I had been searching for any cover/skin that managed to get much simpler to wash regularly. Most likely like everybody else the master of the newer Apple earphones, you can't really keep ear wax and other dirt from the dual speaker port. I understand that cleaning the headphones about once a month with a toothpick (or small paperclip) and some rubbing alcohol isn't any problem and takes very little time. But pulling these off and washing them real fast appear like a more sensible choice.
In comparing these to the earskinz model (smoke gray). Both cost about $10/pair. Read more › Comment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again See all 82
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