GloFish 29045 Aquarium Package with Blue Brought light,5-Gallon-Aquariums

Product Description

Product Description

Product Description

Tetra GloFish Aquarium Package Include that colorful zing for your surroundings using the Tetra GloFish Aquarium Package. This setup consists of top quality plastic and is formed just like a crescent which makes it visually appealing. The special additions such as the plastic canopy with fluorescent colors supply the perfect backdrop for the GloFish. The Brought lights highlight the fish color and brighten both aquarium and your interior decorating. This aquarium is the best foil for aquarists and decor enthusiasts. The perfect quality filtration uses medium Bio-Bag filter cartridges and ensures the hygiene and enough oxygenated water constantly. This aquarium package will prove to add pep for your surrounding, whether in house or office. Features: Bio-Bag filters Plastic canopy Fluorescent colors LEDs highlight GloFish colors Enhances any decor Item Specifications: Package includes: Crescent formed seamless plastic aquarium, Obvious plastic canopy Blue Brought overhead light and Whisper(r) internal filtration with small size filter cartridge Size: 5 Gallon Dimension: 11.2" L x 16.6" H x 6.7" W

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GloFish Tank Setup Instructions

GloFish Crescent Kit
Step One: Remove tank and components from box

Package includes:
5-gallon tank with curved front & seamless view
Detachable light with 15 blue LEDs
Tetra Whisper internal filter (motor-driven)
Medium Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag cartridge
Black base
Low voltage power cord & AC adapter to power the LED light
Set up guide

Step Two: Wipe walls of tank, rinse decor and gravel
Step Three: Pour gravel into GloFish tank (offered individually)

Be careful about your gravel glow much like your fish! GloFish offers 5 colorful kinds of gravel for the new GloFish tank that glow underneath the blue Brought light. This tank is designed for 1 bag (5 pounds.) of GloFish gravel.

black with highlights pink/green/blue green pink white
Step Four: Place plants in GloFish tank (offered individually)

Personalize your tank with a number of plant colors and Dimensions. The plants glow underneath the blue Brought light and increase your GloFish experience. This tank is designed for 7 GloFish plants (3 Large, 3 Medium and 1 Small).

large blue corkscrew medium green hairgrass small purple bacopa medium orange moneywort large red ambulia
step five: Place ornaments in GloFish tank (offered individually)

give a fun and decorative ornament for your aquarium! These ornaments glow underneath the blue Brought light and create an excellent place for the fish to go swimming through. This tank is made for 1 GloFish ornament.

barrels castle treasure chest coral vases clam diver sub skull bubbler
Step Six: Place GloFish LED Bubbler into tank (offered individually)

Produce a beautiful underwater light effect with this particular Brought Bubbler. The Bubbler compliments your package’s lights while enhancing your tanks circulation and oxygenation. [Air mattress pump and air travel tubing offered individually.]

medium bio bag
Step 7: Wash Tetra Bio-Bag Cartridge (offered individually)

Buy in large quantities and be ready for the next water change using the 12 pack of medium Bio-Bag cartridges for the GloFish Tetra filter. The filter cartridge ought to be altered every 4 days.

Step 8: Place Bio-Bag cartridge in filter, then place filter into tank
50 watt heater
Step 9: Place Tetra heater into tank (offered individually)

Keep the fish happy and healthy by having an aquarium heater. regardless of what the area seems like, having a heater your fish will be in a happy temperature. This GloFish tank is made to use the HT 10 heater. A heater is suggested for those GloFish.

Step 10: Attach aquarium background to the outside back of the tank (offered individually)

Don’t help make your fish stare in a wall. Our superbly designed GloFish backdrops get nowhere Brought light and boost the glow of the aquarium. Each backdrop is 2 sided with unique pictures on every side.

jellyfish background cave background
Step 11: Add water to tank

Tank holds up to 5 gallons of water

water conditioner
Step 12: Add water conditioner (offered individually)

GloFish Water Conditioner is really a scientifically developed conditioner with unique immune boosters and stress reducers that permit your GloFish to thrive and display full coloration. This straightforward-to-use formula removes swimming pool water, chloramine, and Chemical toxins. A built-in slime protectant promotes health. Use with GloFish Color Booster for the best results.

Step 13: Add SafeStart before adding fish (offered individually)

Start your tank off right, Give a 1.69oz (50ml) bottle of Tetra SafeStart for your conditioned water. Tetra SafeStart enables you to instantly add fish without waiting the normal period of time to determine the bio-filter. A patented bacteria blend works rapidly to get rid of harmful ammonia and nitrate to be able to get began immediately together with your new aquarium.

Step 14: Prepare your fish

After getting home your brand-new fish, float the travel bag of fish inside your aquarium for fifteen minutes.

Step 15: Transfer Fish

Utilizing a internet, rapidly transfer use transporting bag for your tank.

color booster
Step 16: Add Color Booster Weekly (offered individually)

GloFish Color Booster provides ideal conditions to aid maximum color and health in GloFish. This straightforward-to-use formula is formulated to boost color proteins and keep your aquarium chemistry stable between extended water changes. GloFish Color Booster reduces dangerous fluctuations in pH and lowers nitrate.

glofish food
Step 17: Feed your fish (offered individually)

GloFish Special Flake Meals are an exclusive formula that maximizes brightness and is enhanced for GloFish fluorescent fish. This balance diet includes a colorful 4-flake blend that appears great under GloFish Blue Brought lights and contains customized proteins which make GloFish better.

Product Details

Product Details
product warranty: For warranty details about the product, please click here [PDF]

Product dimensions: 11.2 x 16.6 x 6.7 inches ; 6 pounds
Shipping Weight: 6.5 pounds (View shipping rates and guidelines)
Domestic Shipping: Item could be shipped within U.s.
Worldwide shipping: This item could be transported to select countries outdoors from the U.s. Learn More
Shipping Advisory: This item should be shipped individually using their company products inside your order. Additional shipping charges won't apply.
Item model no .: 29045
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#19 in Pet Supplies > Fish & Aquatic Pets > Aquariums & Fish Bowls > Aquariums product warranty: For warranty details about the product, please click here [PDF]

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Top Customer Reviews

Great Aquarium (read review for other info)
By SimpleLife on Feb 11, 2015
50 of 51 people found this review helpful UPDATE 9/3/2015
I've had the setup below since 12 , 2014. A week ago, I decided to change my fishes (gave mine off to a dog store therefore the glofish can get a new home) and obtained a betta fish. By NOW, the betta is alone within the tank. I also got new decorations from a pet store (see pics attached). I completely easily wiped out my tank and restarted using the same method as mentioned within my previous review, and it labored like no bodies business! I'm updating this review for just two reasons - share the approach to setup a brand new tank from the previous review works, and you should use the tank to help keep a betta fish!
I got myself this aquarium package 2 several weeks ago, and I really like it! It was my first aquarium, and I'd trouble finding one review that mentioned everything I have to purchase, together with setup instructions. I'm in no way a specialist - Now i am discussing my experience hoping will be able to make the entire process of establishing a fish tank simpler for other. Taking proper care of fishes takes a little bit of effort - and it's much less work when you get it in the actual beginning. I spend 15 minutes a week doing water changes (roughly 10%) using a cleaning tube that occupy dirt simultaneously.
Quantity Of FISHES:
Should you start searching online and read expert reviews, you'll find multiple answers - 1 inch per gallon (with different fish's full-sized) or lots of reviews state that a 5 gallon isn't enough for anything but a betta. They could be right - I'm not sure. I needed glo-fish, so I got 3 zebra danio glofishes (they come to be as much as 2 " each). I believe anymore will be a bad idea because they are very active fish and enjoy having room to go swimming.
1. Read more › Comment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again this is a great tank
Just by me on The month of january 16, 2013
106 of 118 people found this review useful This can be a wonderful little tank. we made the decision that people wanted to obtain a couple of fish, therefore we investigated choices for a spot for these to live. The very first idea would be a cute little brought colored bubbler tank, but they capped out at three gallons, and we would have liked the fish to possess a little bit of room. The standard everyday 10gal tank was unthinkable, because we reside in a small apartment and barely have room to maneuver because it is. After a little bit of research into tanks we made the decision to choose that one as her nice brought lighting, room for any small fish to maneuver, has a filter system, and wasn't really heavy. The only real place we must have a tank in on the top of the folding wire dog kennel our cute little dog resides in, to many pounds and we'd not just be out a aquarium, but be looking for a new kennel.
A fish tank of the size means you need to be careful which fish you decide to live within it. Something that actually reaches a sizable dimensions are unthinkable, the rule I discovered is 1 " of fish per gallon water. Which means when you get fish one inch lengthy place five within this tank without overloading it. If you want to possess more fish, you need to get a bigger tank. Which means this limited the options of fish a little.
We ended up going with two of the fish the tank is named for glo-fish (one pink one eco-friendly), and because it was on purchase just a little fiddler crab, (everything stated we ought to wait around the crab because it takes some time for that tank to develop the proper of bacteria, but he's so cute we've got him anyway) only then do we stopped in a pet shop named for fish and selected some small neon tetra's and a few zebra danio's. Read more › 6 Comments Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again Nice tank for kids
by T. In early stages This summer 12, 2014
52 of 57 people found this review useful Bought in my 6 years old. Includes Filter, brought light and Pump. Along with a obvious lid. We've 4 tetra glofish in ours and one little catfish bottom feeder searching factor and it appears great! (walmart sells the fish). One small 5lb bag of gravel is ideal. Would recommend for any kids room. very quiet. We added a bubbler for many white-colored noise. Comment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again Great tank for kids' rooms!
By drswifey on December 19, 2013
32 of 37 people found this review useful This can be a perfect starter sized tank for your children!
Great gift to get as they possibly can find out about how fish live, ACT, and survive. It's fun to uncover all the various personalities that fish have! This tank is equally as fun for that fish because it is for all of us!
Nowhere light rocks !, During the night, it illuminates my son's whole room and in the outdoors, his room looks blue!

With the addition of glow-plants and neon tetra fish, nowhere light will accentuate the fluorescence.
This can be a 5 gallon, so ONE catch every gallon, especially if you are planning to help keep the terrible filter it arrives with.
I got myself a much better filter designed for a ten gallon to help keep water cleaner, for an extended duration.
Avoid fish in a tiny tank, they poop A Great Deal and that raises ammonia levels, and the many other fish will need to suffer....And thus are you going to, since you need to wash and change water more often with gold fish.
Make an effort to to buy the EHEIM Jager heater 25W and get tropical fish. They're pretty, and Small, meaning LESS WASTE=less ammonia.
Disadvantage: There's no lid. Certainly one of my small fish leaped out and Died.
know what you do please: Don't fill with plain tap water if you're buying fish within 48 hrs. Wait per week with plain tap water, and buy sterilized water through the gallon in the local supermarket for fast use. Chlorinated water will kill your fish immediately.
Tip: purchase a sucker-fish or Also known as algae-eater to assist maintain tank's cleanliness-it's AMAZING just how much they cleanup!
Great Tank, Simple to clean, and maintain. SUPER-Awesome blue Brought!!Comment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again See all 137
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