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Product Description

Product Description

Product Description

The divine conflict between harmony and discord rages on, the fate around the globe its guaranteed prize. Fighting to secure it are brave souls called for your solitary purpose. These players, depending on what fragments of the shattered recollections remain, battle to finish the conflict - and for an opportunity to come back home, towards the worlds both once understood.

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The innovative, fast-paced combat of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY returns with all of-new and Enhanced Features, adding figures from classic FF titles, new tactical options using Assist Figures, a completely immersive world map setting, and A lot more. Pit your preferred figures in the FINAL FANTASY series against each other within this follow-to the best-selling PSP® bet on 2009!

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Key Features

New characters join the roster - The star-studded roster from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY is broadened, adding new fan-favorites including Kain from FINAL FANTASY IV, Tifa from FINAL FANTASY VII, and Yuna from FINAL FANTASY X. Over thirty characters come together for the greatest assembly in the series' history

Enhanced battle system - The groundbreaking mixture of frenetic fighting and character progression first introduced in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY returns, with all-new game play additions. Get in touch with another character to help during fight, counter the other person's EX moves, and use EX Revenge to slow time and pummel your attacker! new costumes, new play styles, and new environments get together for any fully updated experience!

Immersive RPG elements - In keeping with its heritage, DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY features an enthralling single-player experience. Wage the endless war between Cosmos and Chaos across a global map replete with quests, Figures, and shops. With RPG Mode, you may also engage in battles within the command type of classic FINAL FANTASY installments.

Product Description

Cosmos, the goddess of harmony. Chaos&mdashgod of discord. Two divine forces kept in a never-ending struggle, each trying to reign supreme.

Lengthy has got the world performed stage for their violent conflict, now peaceful, now teetering near annihilation, but never as it were striking an account balance backward and forward.

The scars of war run deep over the realm. But still these battles rage on, a tempest the eons cannot quell.

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Product Details
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Product dimensions: 6.1 x 7 x.6 inches 2.7 ounces
Media: Video Game
Release Date: March 22, 2011
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars See all reviews (119 testimonials)
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58 of 59 people found the following review helpful A Worthy Follow up and an excellent addition to the PSP library
By Sergeant Farron on March 25, 2011 >>The Premise
Dissidia Duodecim, For that uninitiated, is really a 3-D, real-time brawler featuring the majority of the primary protagonists and antagonists from the entire Final Fantasy series. Battles are frenetic, acrobatic, and--while apparently shallow initially--offer deep strategy and personalization. It's nearly the same as Super Smash Bros. for that Final Fantasy series, except it's one-on-one and 3-D. This means that, much like Smash Bros., Dissidia provides a lot of secrets, unlockables, Fan service, and Content. Players not really acquainted with Final Fantasy can get significantly less mileage from Dissidia than fans of even one game within the series, but there's still a good brawler in here with serious RPG trappings.
>>The Gameplay
Brawls engage in in the same way: Prowl around your enemy and make use of the circle button to nail all of them with Bravery attacks, that don't do damage, but improve your Bravery meter. The greater your Bravery meter, the greater damage you'll deal whenever you hit the square button and release an HP attack. The purpose, Ultimately, would be to whittle away the other person's HP, using a mixture of Bravery and HP attacks, until they are defeated. Included with this particular quite a bit of dodging, Moving, floating, obstructing, explosions, and miracle.
Battles enable you to get EXP, which levels you up, which enables you learn new Bravery and HP attacks. Read more › 4 Comments Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 14 of 16 people found the following review helpful Dissidia perfected
by J. Anderson on March 24, 2011 To begin with, at 30 dollars, farmville is really a steal. There's simply a lot that you can do despite a person finishes the storyline mode. Next, although it looks nearly the same as the very first Dissidia, there are many tweaks which make for any better action experience. Here is a quick listing of some significant changes the sport presents.
-New figures like Lightning, KAIN, Yuna and Tifa.
-Chases need you to be on your ball whatsoever occasions. If you are attempting to guess whether you are likely to either throw or get an HP or Bravery attack, it's already past too far and the chase has ended.
-When entering EX mode in the center of a panic attack, you'll be able to break the attack and slow lower here we are at roughly 5 to 6 seconds. consequently, your boyfriend or girlfriend meter runs out, but you can release an HP attack upon your attacker.
-Figures happen to be balanced and Tweaked. For instance, Cloud are now able to use meteorain in midair rather of just on the floor.
-New stages and Costumes.
-Story mode presently has an overworld map that you simply play along with your character to visit in the various fight stages. This will make story mode a significantly fresher experience which means you aren't just a game piece on the board going from fight to fight.
-Custom occasions.
You will find most likely a lot of features which i haven't yet get in farmville too.
Finally, individuals individuals which have invested countless hrs into Dissidia 1 can make room a lot of what you'd to Dissidia Duodecim. levels, products bought with PP, ect ect. So please disregard the other two misinformed reviewers in this article. Dissidia 2 is really a Final Fantasy fan's dream become a reality....again!2 Comments Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 4 of 5 people found the following review helpful Absolutely amazing
By Marc A. Pork on March 30, 2011 So yes, Farmville I've been awaiting for this type of lengthy time. I'm glad which i first got it. It's similar to I'm playing another game in the first. Now there are several good and bad for this game. Now if you've ever performed draonball z budakai, you will find cut scenes throughout the game where its a 1 button dodge or attack which will have you ever and the opponent return and forth until someone is really hit, well it had been within the first Dissidia and simple to anticipate the opponent but now its HARDER, I am talking about harder.....
Love the brand new figures, Love they updated that old figures with new moves. the tale isn't something would buy farmville for. It is not even good. But hell the final storyline wasn't good either. I'll say should you thought you possessed strategy during the last game this one will get even crazier.
A few of the additional features include new assist. this assist feature is like marvel versus capcom and just blows me away on ends, to be the one hit by having an assist and to be the one hitting someone by having an assist. they've new modes too. I wish more people brought into this game because every time I go online no one is there lol :( . say bye bye to Duelist coliseum in the first dissidia and greet labyrinth. from what I understand, Labyrinth is sort of a maze and In my opinion the opponents get harder and harder?????
You can also play the original story ( for individuals who never first got it) about this game too. Yay for brand new comers, harmful to us Pros lol. the only real great for us pros is u get reports with each and every story mode completed, essentially new cutscenes and possible battles which will mesh figures from original game and this game together ( ex. Tifa (New character) inside a scene with Cloud and Sephiroth)
Overall I cant put farmville lower. your PSP gathering dust and you been awaiting a great fighting game to help keep you going, This is the oneComment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again See all 119
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