Chromo Corporation.® 160 Brought CI-160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Camera / Video camera Video Light,Brought Light for Canon,Nikon,Pentax,Panasonic,-On-Camera Video Lights

Product Description

Description Of Product Color:160 LED

This Chromo Inc? super lightweight 160-piece-Brought video light may be used in video taking. because of lights setup or supplement and The sunshine intensity could be transformed to provide professional effects.
Chromo Corporation Specifications:
Input: Electricity 7.2V/8.4V Maximum Power: 9.6 W
Color Temperature: 5400K (3200K/filter)
Average Service Existence: 50000 hours
Luminous flux: 660 lm
runtime: 70-90mins
Size: 141x62x150 mm
weight: 430g (with package)
Illumination: Distance Lux 1m 900 lux 2m 240 lux 3m 120 lux 4m 70 lux 5m 40 lux
Package consists of:
LED Video Lighting x1
Battery Holder x1
Filter x3(Soft diffuser, 3200K filter, pink filter)
Chromo Inc Packaging
Please be aware: batteries aren't incorporated.
Chromo Inc? is really a Registered U.s. Trademark under Serial number 85524492

Product Details

Product Details Color: 160 LED
Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces
Item model no .: CI55000020
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (1,098 testimonials)
Biggest Sellers Rank:
#2 in Camera & Photo > Camera & Photo Accessories > Lighting & Studio > Lighting > On-Camera Video Lights
#254 in Electronics > Camera & Photo > Video product warranty: For warranty details about the product, please click here
Date first offered at world wide September 27, 2012

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154 of 158 people found the following review helpful A basic camera light that's very bright
by R. Shaw on October 21, 2012 Color: 160 LED
I'd lately purchased a NEEWER 160 Brought light which i gave away, and found this light with similar quantity of LEDs in an even lower cost. The cost wasn't my concern, and I'd wished for any little better mounting bracket now.
The variations between both of these lights is nearly minimal, but I came across the Chromo light appears to place the same brightness the NEEWER light does. Her same quantity of LEDs. Rather of getting the dimmer quietly, it's it around the back. The button to check on for battery existence will the same job because the one around the NEEWER light, with the exception that around the Chromo light the sunshine needs to be "on" first to check battery. not a problem. There are identical choice of colored gels such as the NEEWER light, except you don't obtain the plastic sleeve to insert them in. Small issue. The sunshine is bulky, primarily due to its dual battery design / The new sony or AA batteries. I would suggest not using AA batteries as you have six of these, and it can make the sunshine much heavier and is much more costly to become using disposable AA's than a single NP-550. Obviously, if you want to make use of rechargeable AAs that's another option, but with the one The new sony battery will be a lot simpler for me. The Chromo does not have a battery, but NP-550's aren't costly and neither would be the chargers on their behalf.
The mount for that Chromo, For me, was much better than the NEEWER mount. The sunshine itself includes a threaded hole at the base, which means you could screw in your mount if you want -- something which the NEEWER light can't do since its mount uses four small screws in to the light's frame. The new shoe mount that is included with the Chromo light is similar to others I have seen that include other brands of Brought camera lights. Read more › 10 Comments Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 329 of 346 people found the following review helpful Great Light For A Great Price
By Dustin Chavkin on This summer 7, 2014 Color: 160 LED
Length: 3:36 Mins
Hey men,
Take a look at my video review! Hopefully you discover it helpful when choosing this light. It is a great light for a good deal. You will not be disappointed. One note I'd like to make is that it is plastic (but nonetheless top quality plastic), therefore it is not indestructible. However, presuming you are taking good proper care of the digital camera, there is no reason why you cannot take good proper care of the sunshine too. Certainly worth all 5 stars.8 Comments Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 104 of 113 people found the following review helpful Excellent light for the price
By Shibuh on December 6, 2012 Color: 160 Brought I'd bought the Neewer CN-160 and was pleased with it. It's affordable gives decent light and has infinitely adjustable brightness. My anxiety about it had been the plastic mount.
Then i bought another light, the Chromo CI-160. They're basically exactly the same, have gels which I wouldn't think about using except the diffuser. Otherwise there's a couple of notable variations.
Almost as much ast I loved the CN-160 greatly, I was impressed with the Chromo CI-160
* CI-160 is $10 cheaper
* It's smaller sized and shallower, although the weight is one of the same.
* There's a far more versatile mounting option around the Chromo. The lamp includes a threaded tripod mount socket which the ball shoe mount is mounted. In the event you lose the the ball socket, you may still mount the Chromo on a tripod. Using the NEEWER you'd be at a complete loss should you lost the new shoe mount.
* The new shoe mount is of the higher quality, being model of metal versus the all plastic mount around the NEEWER.
* The sunshine dispersion from the Chromo is wider compared to Neewer, that is good for wide position use. This doesn't come at a price to brightness in the center.
CI-160: About $10 cheaper, a little smaller sized in most dimensions, same brightness because the CN-160. However, the beam can also be wider that is good for wide position lenses. The shoe mount can also be of the higher quality, being ball metal. It is also more adjustable
In the cost, nothing beats the Chromo CI-160Comment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 41 of 44 people found the following review helpful Brilliant Value for a No-frills Video Light
By InHisHand on October 26, 2012 Color: 216 LED Chromo's LED video light is far less expensive than competing products that contain similar numbers of LED bulbs (160 within this product arranged inside a 10x16 pattern). It's extraordinarily vibrant when set to full, lighting up a 12'x12' room sufficiently to get "reasonable" video with a 40mm to 70mm lens (very wide position lenses may succumb to some vibrant center image and heavy vignetting in the edges).
Actually, it's too vibrant for close-up interviews when set to full illumination, and may cause adults and children to squint. But it features a very functional wheel based dimmer switch that may raise and lower the brightness in infinite increments and may bring the illumination lower to simply barely on. Nevertheless, spare your subjects' vision and make use of the incorporated diffuser panel plus a gentler brightness setting.
It requires 6 AA batteries and several camcorder rechargeable battery pack, However, the instructions don't itemize which specific battery pack individuals may be. Nor perform the instructions stipulate to get rid of your window-pane panel around the back in order to insert the AA's. Use good sense and a light hands when working out using this the very first time.
The whole unit is thin plastic. For this type of vibrant light it doesn't weigh around may be expected and with 6 AA's continues to be lighter than my Metz-58 strobe. Nevertheless, I have no intention of placing this on my DSLR's hotshoe (just like I don't mount the Metz around the hotshoe) since through the years I've damaged off too many hotshoe mounts even if using less weight than this.
It features a standard tripod mount within the base to ensure it is threaded directly onto an easy pole or perhaps a tripod. Read more › Comment Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please repeat the process See all 1,098
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